Belgos Level 3 (9)

Older than he looks Belgos is the spiritual leadership of the Daerhe clan


Belgos uses the powers of the giants to shape the world around him. He understands the ways of prior age better than most.
Motive: Protecting the clan; growing their power.
Health: 15
Damage Inflicted: 3 points
Movement: Short
Modifications: Resists mental effects as level 4. Knowledge Xen’drik Lore as Level 5. Crafting of arcane items as Level 6.
Combat: Belgos uses esoteries (bolts of darkness) as attacks with long range.
He also carries a long knife of rune-etched bone for melee.
Belgos also has a spell allowing him to turn invisible for one minute.


Slow to speak, Belgos spends most of his time in meditation. His is the voice of Vulkoor for the clan and all its tribes.

Belgos Level 3 (9)

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