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    The city of Stormreach sits by the wilds Xen'drik, a hub of traffic from Khorvaire into the ruins of the giants of old. Plots and schemes that reach back thousands of years still hold sway as the drow fight to claim and hold their place as the rulers of …

  • Harden's Trading Post

    A small non-descript store, Harden's Trading Post is the go-to place for people returning from the wilds of Xen'drik with. . . something they think is valuable. Xen'drik is filled with treasures, magical and non-magical alike, but knowing who needs what …

  • Jaes Harden

    Friendly. discreet, and generally honest. Harden has made himself a staple among the Stormreach adventurers. He is primarily a buyer from the incoming expeditions, he then sells the finds to appropriate Houses and markets for a profit.